2015-03-05: Super Mario 74 TAS by homerfunky

"This is a 100% run (all 151 stars). It isn't the most optimized, but enjoy regardless! A very good "first edition" TAS for this hack! It took 1 year for him to make."

2015-01-01: 2015 TAS Competition

Hosted by Jeremiah aka Sonicpacker. Go participate!

2014-08-06: GLideN64

New graphics plugin, follow-up to Glide64.

2013-03-16: SM64 Star Road 2 [Under development]

2012-11-24: 120 stars TAS submitted

After 5 years of work, it is finally finished! You can watch it streamed here or here, or download here.

2012-10-18: You'd better watch this

2012-09-01: 120 stars TAS underway

The project is picking up steam! We might at last see a finished 120 stars TAS. Everyone that can contribute should do so.

2012-08-27: Star Road TAS

There is now a full game TAS of SR, in 02:58.65, by MrHigmatar, Ethan, Mickey/VIS and MKDasher!

2012-06-04: TAS records on our wiki

The wiki is becoming more active, and we're gathering all the best TAS records here.

2012-04-11: 1 star BLJless TAS

By Mickey/VIS, Jesus, sonicpacker and Snark. WARNING: May cause seizures.

2012-04-09: 70 stars BLJless TAS

This should speak for itself, go watch it!

2012-03-20: 0 star improvement again

This time, 47 frames saved!

2011-12-24: SM64: Star Road released

We got a great new hack for Christmas this year! Download patch

2011-08-21: Another 0 stars TAS improvement

By part (most) of the "original" 0 Star Team. 13 frames saved at first, then 5 more in an updated m64.

2011-06-27: Super Mario 74 released

This widely-anticipated hack was released into the wild today. Download patch

2011-04-16: 0 stars TAS improvement

A 3 frame improvement to the 0 stars TAS, by Mickey/VIS & snark & ToT, was now accepted at TASVideos.

2011-03-26: 100 Lives TAS

This TAS gets 100 lives as fast as possible. It was made by the Japanese player pastatsh.

2010-12-11: SM64.org Wiki

SM64.org now has a a wiki! It's still quite empty, so you are encouraged to add to it if you're knowledged.

2010-10-10: New 0 stars run submitted

The first update to the 0 stars TAS in 2 years is finally submitted.